A March Madness of Our Own

Hello CrossFit Sevier members and followers, This past month has been a bit hectic, hasn’t it?  We experienced our first CrossFit Open and had a lot of members step up to the plate and join the Open with no idea what our expectations might be.  Needless to say, the results were BEYOND expectations and I [...]


Check out our New schedule!! any questions call or email.

New Temporary Hours!!

See the schedule page for our temporary classes for the next 5 weeks!

Should You Sign up for the Open?

Yes.  Period.  Go.  Sign up now. But I guess you want some reasons.  Many of you don’t think you are prepared or good enough.  So let’s start off by saying: nobody really is prepared.  Nobody knows what the workouts will be.  It’s true that some of the workouts will have elements that you may not [...]


I stopped in at 5 Rivers CrossFit in Morristown this morning.   This was the box that saved my life, physically, and where I started my CrossFit journey.  It was amazing to see all the athletes again – the same ones who helped me grow in a year and a half, to see the people that [...]


Due to the inclement weather, all afternoon classes are cancelled today, and the morning and noon classes are cancelled tomorrow.  We want you to stay safe out there!!!  If you get out and shovel or do some snow burpees, be sure to send us a pic!!!    

White Workout

  HEY!  So, I’m venturing out into the blogosphere and thought I’d share a few thoughts with all my CrossFit Family – members and non-members alike.  If you’re reading this, you do CrossFit, are thinking about doing CrossFit, or know someone who is doing CrossFit.  Or you could be some weirdo lurker who likes to [...]

Yoga Rates

Check pout our rates page for the updates prices for our yoga class.


First class of yoga was a great success thank you everyone for coming out! First class is free so bring a friend and lets get our mobility on!!!

Starting Yoga!!!

Starting Mon Feb 3rd we will have Yoga @ 7pm First class is free so come check it out and bring a friend. Check Rates for month pricing and drop in rates.